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  1. General
    I'm working on a 3d model of the R34 GTR. There are a few decent blueprints available, but the problem is that the proportions are slightly different. As you can see in the second one the front end is longer.and the rear end is shorter. I was wondering which blueprint is correct.
  2. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    im importing a skyline r34 this summer and i read some threads that said you need some internals to reach peak rpm (im 15 so i might not know what im talking about) so im wondering what internals i would need to buy. the skyline im getting will be a stock rb26det with 120,000km/75,000m, also...
  3. General
    In my opinion the 4 door R34 looks better than the 2 door. Anyone thinks the same?
  4. General
    I have the nismo clutter that was originally in kph but was changed to mph does anyone know of a link to change it back as I need it in kph
  5. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    I have the nismo cluster it was originally in kph but was changed to mph dos anyone have a link to how I change it back to kilometres?
  6. Newbies
    Hey guys! New to this forum, but not new to the GTR world. I just finished up new round of mods on my R33 GTR build, including PPG Sequential (full billet) 6-speed gearbox, running Haltech 2500 Elite. You can see the new video of the Dyno Pulls, Full Sequential PPG Transmission driving, and...
  7. General
    Someone from Russia is selling an R34 GTR and he is asking for 55000€. The car is almost fully disassembled and " prepared for body painting work". I already messaged him and asked a few questions and he responded immediately. He also sent me a link to more photos of the car and parts. The only...
  8. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all,, I'm confused .... I've been reading various old threads on NVCS and I can't really find a definitive answer. As I understand it, the R33 has NVCS on the intake cam, and it operates between a low and high RPM setting specified in the ECU. On the R34 NEO, there is a VCT solenoid on the...
  9. General
    Hello lads, an ad popped up for dirt cheap money the seller says it was his grandmother's car about which he knows pretty much nothing (but he says its a r34!). So I was thinking, if any kind soul could take a look at the imgur pictures above and say what they think, is it even a real 34... imo...
  10. Projects and Restorations
    Hi all. Well I bought this GTT from Torque GT in Devon about 18 months ago. As it is in really good condition I have tried not to mess with the appearance and keep it looking as 'stock' as possible. I've enjoyed driving it as a daily drive, and have made some improvements to the interior such...
  11. General
    Hi, I've been looking to get an r34 GTT and there is a huge range of prices. I was wondering what makes one GTT more expensive then the other, is it just the condition? Possible extras? Color? Is buying a cheaper GTT for example for 20,000 and spending another 10 to 15K a good option rather then...
  12. General
    Long Story short: Would you guys buy a R34 GTT with built engine (reinforced, rated for 700PS, running at 450) for Alpine Roads, 10-15 Track Days per year and Weekend Roadtrips to other Countrys doing 1000-1500km in a short time?
  13. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Dear all Today i went to Testdrive a R34 GTT. The car seems to be in a great Condition and all around serviced well enough. It has 110k Kilometers on it and since 20k a Engine swap, the Vendor told me its a RB26 Swap, but i'm sceptical since it looks pretty much like a RB25DET NEO to me. Could...
  14. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for the genuine Nissan lip for the ER34 boot lid, if anyone knows of one for sale? Cash waiting, colour or condition doesn't matter. May consider an aftermarket one too. Thanks
  15. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello! I am in the midst of doing a transmission swap to my 1999 Nissan Skyline gtt, I am just left with getting a clutch bracket. Does anyone know if the R33 gtst clutch bracket will mount up? any feedback is appreciated! thank you in advance.
  16. General
    Hey all! I'm new here and this is my first post(Sorry to the admins if its not in the correct section!!) I am in the process of importing an R34 to Canada and I was wondering a few things... I'm looking for a GTT with fairly low mileage (50-100k KMS), manual trans, no accidents and overall...
  17. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey Guys, I have noticed during the last few weeks that the MFD throttle percentage display has been noticeably erratic in which the readout is jumping +/- 3 or so percent (flashing almost) while the throttle is steady. I replaced the TPS and the problem continues. While the car is not running...
  18. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Ive been having problems with my r34 for months now and I cant seem to get it right. it started with misfiring and shutting off on idle. I changed all the spark plugs, and after plugging in a consult scanner found out that one of the coils were misfiring, so I changed it. misfiring stopped and...
  19. Cars for Sale
    - - - SOLD SOLD SOLD - - - The time has come for me to sell my beloved Skyline. I'm going for a much more modern car and can't really keep two cars as much as it pains me! 1998 R34 Nissan Skyline 2.5 GTT manual in Black (Nismo). Imported in January 2003 by Bristol Imports Direct. One owner in...
1-19 of 112 Results