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  1. FAQ's 350/g35
    It is set on 25 degrees of heat i can't turn off ,all buttons on the panels don't work including steering button's, please help I check the wirings seems to be where it should be I'm assuming I need a new board?
  2. Parts for Sale
    Hello, dear members of Skyline forum! Our "Xanavi" company working with multimedia equipment of Nissan and Infiniti cars and our the most popular service is the full multimedia adaptation (Conversion to English language, installing navi maps, configuring the radio etc), using original...
  3. Audio / ICE
    Ok guys I need some help getting a few things. I'm not in a place where skyline parts are available, so will any other wiring harness adapters for aftermarket audio headunits compatible with my HCR32? I need a headunit wire harness adapter, a radio bracket kit, and an empty din box. Will any...
1-3 of 3 Results