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  1. RB20DE automatic -> manual?

    N/A Forum
    New here. this is my first official post other than my greetings Lol. I browsed through a few pages in this N/A section to no avail. It's getting late so i decided to post. I have an r32 sedan and it's got an automatic transmission. I'm growing bored of it and I am wondering what options i...
  2. r32 rb20de unstable idle

    N/A Forum
    I've had this problem for awhile now and not really sure what to check next. The car kind jerks in low rpm when the motor is cold, and then once its warmed up the idles goes back and forth between 600-900. I've noticed a slight smell of gas when this happens too. What I've done: Replaced plugs...
  3. RB20DE to RB25DET swap

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi All, This is my first post in the forum. I have a 1998 R34 GT with an RB20DE Neo (see pic). So far I have upgraded the brakes to the 4 piston front and 2 piston rear, coilovers all around, and some camber/adjustment arms. I'm looking to swap the non-turbo RB20DE with an RB25DET (I know...
  4. Running rich?

    Ok so my r32 had some troubles picking up speed when in first gear and also the car would make popping sound when in 1 gear as well. So I decided to check the ecu for error codes and it came out to be 55 which is no errors. (surprising) THEN I tired the o2 test and the led on the ecu stayed...
  5. RB20 loss of power?

    Hey everyone, I've got a skyline r32 GTS and it was running average (shaking, jolting back of forth) then I changed the AFM and it started to run fine for a while then the past week the car seem to lose power in most gears. Also this happens when it's hot. There isn't much loss of power when...
  6. R32 Power steering pump HELP!!!!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I've searched thru a lot of forums and just cant' find a solid answer. So, I have an R32/RB20 with a R33 PS pump that the previous owner swapped. (HICAS has all been removed) It works but the R33 PS pump has just two ribs on its pulley _^_^_ and the RB20 crank pulley it goes to has three...
  7. Warning! R33 GTS RB20 dodgy dealer on eBay!!! N911 BCH!!! Buyers beware!!

    Hi there, I am new to the forum, for a simple reason. I want to warn anybody out there looking to buy a cheap or smaller spec Skyline from buying this car from this buyer. The engine has had it and he tried his best to hide it from me. I will first attach the eBay item id: 161215689196...
  8. Newbie question.. just fitted Splitfire coilpacks.

    This is in an A31 Cefiro, but assume it's an R32 GTS-T since they're the same thing engine-wise, RB20DET. It only has minor mods, namely an Apexi intake and a 3" turbo back decat exhaust. I've just fitted some Splitfire SF-DIS-001 coilpacks. Initial test shows a big improvement. The car now...
  9. RB20/25 Radiator Fan Shroud

    Parts for Sale
    Surplus to requirements... £15 posted
  10. RB20DET injectors

    Parts for Sale
    Hi folks, Selling 6x RB20 injectors. All in good working order. £40 delivered.
  11. RB20/RB25 Coilpacks / Ignition Amp / TPS

    Parts for Sale
    As title - all from my old R32 GTST. Fit RB20 / RB25. 6x Coilpacks - £15 each or all of them for £75 - replaced when diagnosing a misfire, turned out to be corroded wiring so as far as I know they are all good. 1x Ignition Amplifier - £20 - same as above, has a crack in the casing from the...
  12. WTD: RB20DET knock sensor

    Parts Wanted
    Hi folks, Does anyone have a knock sensor for an RB20DET they can sell me? Also does anyone know if they are the same across all RB engines? Cheers
  13. Wanted: Cam Angle Sensor (CAS) for RB20DET

    Parts Wanted
    Hi folks, I'm after a Cam Angle Sensor for my RB20DET, I'm not sure if RB25 ones are the same but if they are then obviously that would be great too! Cheers
  14. R32 RB20DET bottom end

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a bottom end or possibly tall block for a R32 GTS-T RB20DET Cheers :)
  15. RB20 Parts Wanted

    Parts Wanted
    Hi, I'm after the following bits for my R32 GTS4: - Standard ECU - Standard Injectors - HKS SSQV (Will the R33 RB25 GTS-T fit my rb20?!) With fitting kit I'm after the standard r32 rb20det parts for the ecu and injectors rather than after market ones, as I've got a rising sun ecu & gtr...
  16. Hello... names Andrew

    Hi my name is Andrew I'm 20 years old, I live in the Bay Area, California. Skylines give me wet dreams. Cars are my passion and life. I love Nissans, my 3 dream cars are (last to first) Nissan 240sx fastback s13 - own. Subaru WRX STI - I know its not nissan but I love it. Nissan Skyline R32...