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  1. RB20DE automatic -> manual?

    N/A Forum
    New here. this is my first official post other than my greetings Lol. I browsed through a few pages in this N/A section to no avail. It's getting late so i decided to post. I have an r32 sedan and it's got an automatic transmission. I'm growing bored of it and I am wondering what options i...
  2. r32 gts (rb20de) low idle at 500rpm

    Hey guys, picked up my first skyline a couple weeks ago but I'm having a time tracking down this low idle problem. The car seems fine when cold, but after it warms up it drops down to around 500rpm and seems like it stutters and misses randomly. I've put new plugs in and gapped them, I've...
  3. RB20DE NEO camshafts

    N/A Forum
    Does anybody know the duration and lift of stock rb20de NEO camshafts? I have had a fairly thorough google and cant find the information Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Where is my o2 sensor? R32 Skyline GTS

    Here are some pictures of my exhaust and it seems that the cable for o2 sensor is going in to the car? or is this not the o2 sensor If u know where it is please let me know. cheers.
  5. frost plugs?

    I blew the head gasket on my rb20de in my coupe 32, and so I bought a new motor. The guy I bought it off said the frost plugs leak but I can't see with the motor out that they leak at all, it'd leave a mark on the block from where they leaked out.. Is it possible to use the frost plugs from my...
  6. rb20de problems need help!!!!!

    hey guys, so my mate has a rb20de r32 gts and he was coming back from his road trip when the car decided to start playing up, it seems to be running rich, loosing power while drivng ect and has black smog up the back bumper, he thought it could be the coils, so he installed a wasted spark set up...
  7. R32 RB20DET bottom end

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a bottom end or possibly tall block for a R32 GTS-T RB20DET Cheers :)
  8. rb20de problem. any ideas??

    ive got a rb20de r32. pretty much since i got it (almost a year) ive been having problems. some times while driving the car will jerk as if ive taken my foot off the gas to quickly even though my foot hasnt moved, or it feels like the engine has died but fired again because the cars moving. also...