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  1. Swapping in an RB25DET into R32 GTST

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi there, Let me first say I am completely new to engine swaps, the closest being removing body panels and bodywork. I realise it's a daunting task but I found a good rolling body with newly rebuilt gearbox. Not much RB20DETs with anything lower than 180,000km when there was a rb25det with...
  2. bogging down

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i Have a R32 gtst-4 with an rb20det, originally it had an automatic but now it has a 5-speed rwd setup. that's how i bought it. Not to long ago it started to bog down as if the fuel wasn't getting to the engine, it would shut off randomly. So i dropped gas tank, cleaned and scrub the rust and...
  3. rb20det wacky compression?

    Hey guys Just looking for some opinions on a wet and dry compression test I did on my rb20det, note i did this when the engine was completely cold. Dry test I got around 75psi on all cylinders so I expected with a wet test for it to go up. wet test showed around 78psi on all cylinders. Does...
  4. RB20/25DET trans swap

    Sorry for being ignorant on the topic, it seems very unclear upon all the research ive done other than its the way to go. What will i need besides the gearbox of course to fit a 25 box to my RB20 block?? Please clarify.
  5. Help with Mines Ecu

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Have a mines ecu in my r32 rb20det was just wondering if anybody knows anything about them are they safe? whats done to them?
  6. Swedish Skyline R32 Widebody sideways on track video section
    Hi all. Haven't been very active in here.. but will upload a bit more now and would love some comments on this video :) what do you think? have a nice day. Cheers Stone
  7. rb20det apexi power FC and commander

    Parts for Sale
    Hi all, I have a super rare rb20det AP engineering power FC for sale that ive just removed from my running r32 due to replacing with an fcon. It also comes with the hand commander. It was mapped for a rb20/rb25 hybrid with 440cc injectors, z32 airflow and a apexi rx6turbo and was making...
  8. RB20DET injectors

    Parts for Sale
    Hi folks, Selling 6x RB20 injectors. All in good working order. £40 delivered.
  9. Rb20det S13 - few wires I cant find

    Hi there Im just finishing up an Rb conversion in an S13 but am having a little trouble finding a few wires. I have the RB engine harness, RB ECU I Do not have the s13 engine bay harness, but I have everything else (eg dash, headlights loom). The whole job is almost finished so pretty...
  10. WTD: RB20DET knock sensor

    Parts Wanted
    Hi folks, Does anyone have a knock sensor for an RB20DET they can sell me? Also does anyone know if they are the same across all RB engines? Cheers
  11. whos running rb20det silver tops? what mods have you done?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, i bought my 1st skyline on monday =D R32 gts-t type-m, its a fantastic car, but the engine is so far untouched. I have searched around and cant seem to find alot of info on tuning the RB20DET aside from a couple of basic guides. I was wondering what mods you guys uave done and what bhp...
  12. R32 RB20DET bottom end

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a bottom end or possibly tall block for a R32 GTS-T RB20DET Cheers :)
  13. R32 Bits (injectors, cas, fan)

    Parts for Sale
    I have some spare bits that I figure could be useful to someone on here. (prices excluding postage and open to offers) 6 top feed injectors (from RB20DET) - £60 (can get pic if required) Cam Angle Sensor - £50 Viscous fan (minus coupling) - £30 Viscous fan radiator shroud - £30
  14. Which is the proper oil for an R32 Gts-t, RB20DET?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Can anyone tell me which is the right oil to put in a 92 R32 Gts-t RB20DET? Thanks for any help.
  15. WTF Insurance Problems

    Insurance Deals
    Hi i am about to take on a Nissan Skyline on Sat on the log book it is registered as a 2.5 GTST Manual, but the engine actually fitted is the RB20DET Auto and it looks like this is the original one fitted. When i phone up or go online to get insurance qoutes it always lists GTS 2.5 turbo man or...