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  1. Swapping in an RB25DET into R32 GTST

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi there, Let me first say I am completely new to engine swaps, the closest being removing body panels and bodywork. I realise it's a daunting task but I found a good rolling body with newly rebuilt gearbox. Not much RB20DETs with anything lower than 180,000km when there was a rb25det with...
  2. R33 Clutch bracket

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello! I am in the midst of doing a transmission swap to my 1999 Nissan Skyline gtt, I am just left with getting a clutch bracket. Does anyone know if the R33 gtst clutch bracket will mount up? any feedback is appreciated! thank you in advance.
  3. Another oil post.....advice needed after rebuild!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    When I bought the car, about a month ago. The chap had just had the engine rebuilt and had the following done: Bored 86.5, Carilio Piston Crowns, Pistons gapped to street performance, RB26 rods, ACL small and big bearings, APR head studs and nuts, new oil pump and water pump, triple layered...
  4. RB25 PCV Valve Issue???

    So i was cruising down the road and realized i was blowing white smoke so i turned the care off and opened the hood and there was what seemed to be oil that came out of my breather on my valve covers. My idle sounds a little off and when i put my finger over the pcv it seems its barley pusing...
  5. RB25DET idles weirdly after warming up

    Hey all, yesterday, I came back home and when I turned on my street, my engine started stalling and dying out. It was in 1st and I had to keep revving it gently to avoid stalling. It lost all power and wouldn't go above 5km/h. I wanted to go park it, but 500 meters before my house, everything...
  6. rb25 two step

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a r32 with an series 2 rb25det. here’s a list of mods. there are others that i have not listed. im wondering how to get 2 step or launch control for cheap. could i just get a dyno tune? i want to stay away from the Bee R rev limiters because they destroy your turbo. any thoughts? -HKS...
  7. RB25DET Starter Motor

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey ya'll, I'm getting ready to put my RB25 in my Z32 300ZX; all I need is to put the motor and trans together but I don't have a starter motor for it. Long story short, I put together a hybrid transmission between the original RB25 trans and the VG30DE trans (RB bell housing w/ VG gearbox)...
  8. RB25 Neo clutch type

    Hey, I'm doing a manual swap to my ER34 and am in the process of getting the clutch for the Neo transmission. Is the neo Manual transmission a pull or push type of clutch? Thanks!
  9. Getting r33 gtst back on road after 18 months

    Hi guys I am after some advice on how I can get my car safely back on the road after not being driven or started for 18 months. I lost my license due to medical reasons and the car has been kept outside. Due to circumstances the car has not been started or driven in just over 18 months. Before...
  10. RB25DET NEO no oil from feed

    Ok so after a few months of upgrading the turbo, had new manifold, top mount holset hx32, custom oil feed line, return and exhaust. bla bla all the required parts, primes the turbo with new oil, removed spark and cranked engine over. No oil what so ever came out of the oil feed line, tried...
  11. Rb25 main bearings needed urgently :)

    Parts Wanted
    Standard size, just plain bearings would do Cheers ? Alex
  12. RB30 AWD adapter on RB25

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys, I have a RB25DET which is coming out of my R33 GTST (as a RB30 is going in), does anyone know if the AWD adapter for an RB30 would fit onto a AWD sump? I have a R33 GTS4 which I'd like to put it into if possible as a race car Basically would an adapter for an RB30 work on a RB25, I...
  13. RB20DE to RB25DET swap

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi All, This is my first post in the forum. I have a 1998 R34 GT with an RB20DE Neo (see pic). So far I have upgraded the brakes to the 4 piston front and 2 piston rear, coilovers all around, and some camber/adjustment arms. I'm looking to swap the non-turbo RB20DE with an RB25DET (I know...
  14. Reimax oil pump

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all I am thinking of purchasing a Reimax oil pump for my RB25. Has anyone any experience in using one of these? Did have an N1 oil pump but that only lasted 1175 miles before it broke. Trying to avoid the same issue occuring again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  15. my R32.4 GTS Skyline Build Thread!!!!

    Projects and Restorations
    hey guys the names Bronte, ive recently scored my self a 1992 nissan skyline gts. regos on hold. has been taken for a wof and all wof stuff has been fixed. but in the mean time the previous owner picked up another engine for it and plenty of parts and started stripping it out to make it into a...
  16. Blocking turbo water feed

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Buying a Garrett turbo for the RB25DET that is oiled only. How do I go about blanking off or feeding the water feed straight back into the block? What have others done?
  17. Rebuild question

    Hey all, new to the forum, now I have searched and can't find the answer I'm lookin for. I was experiencing massive amounts of blow by, comp tested, yep shagged. Pulled the head off and gasket was flogged, was thinking itight have been the ringlands that have let go, now my question is.... Is...
  18. 450hp rb25det project: Turbo selection

    Hey guys my skyline is ready to boogie, rebuilt block has done run it with standard turbo fmic and standard plenum. Now I want a turbo and injectors, I have heard injectors go buy the CC rating 550cc = 550hp correct..? Are there any brands to steer clear of..? And a HKS gt2835 for the turbo, if...
  19. RB25DET Rebuild Thoughts

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey all, Having a heck of a time trying to plan out my rebuild. I've got a spare engine in my garage that I'm due to overhaul. Can't figure out what I want to do. I don't want to go chasing big BHP but would like 300-400 without worrying too much. Trying to suss out the best combination of...
  20. RB20/25 Radiator Fan Shroud

    Parts for Sale
    Surplus to requirements... £15 posted