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  1. RB25DE vs RB25DET head

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me the difference between the RB25DE and RB25DET heads? Other than the intake stud pattern and cams. Like does one flow better than the other or anything like that. I'm building my RB30 and have both options (25DET one in car so I can't inspect) and will be using a FFP...
  2. RB20e to RB25de R33 Skyline Coupe/Sedan HELP

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi, Just really need some help and advice. I have a R33 Coupe[2 door] which use to have a RB20e engine[Automatic Trans.] I just put in a RB25de, S2 engine into it [came out from a Stagea, also Automatic Trans.] I have the stagea loom which came with the engine but there were too many...
  3. RB25DE Neo Gearbox?

    Would anybody know which manual transmission would bolt up to a RB25 Neo n/a motor? I assume that the r33 transmission would work
  4. R34 NEO DE, will NEO DET pistons work?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey folks, i have an r34 GT4, 4 door! im currently in the process of gathering parts to turbo charge my motor. I would like to run NEO rb25DET pistons, I just don't know if the pistons will work or not. Has anyone done this or knows and can show me infact it will work I beleive the head is...
  5. HELP Pls! R33 stalling no one knows whats wrong.....

    ---:sorry: if this is the wrong place for this i couldn't find anywhere else--- I brought my first R33 1994 series 1 Rb25de auto about 2 years ago, Ive never had a problem with it, Until 8 months ago... Ive taken my car to different mechanics, friends and friends of friends have all tried to...

    alright im saying this is important because it really is. i need to get this done asap and cannot find much info. i have a four door r33 non turbo auto. i wanna sway the box for a rb25det gearbox. my questions 1. is it possible because of the gear ratio? 2. what else will i need to replace like...
  7. Help guys?! RB25de blowing white smoke!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Alright, I was having trouble with the engine before, and had two different opinions on the problem. It was running really rough, lagging at low revs and acting normal once the cams had kicked in and running extremely rich. My brother (who is a trainee mechanic) said it was the cam angle sensor...
  8. R34 GT Skyline RB25DE Engine complete with ECU and Loom - OFFERS!

    Knight Racer
    R34 GT Skyline RB25DE Engine complete with auxilaries, pumps, pulleys, ECU and wiring loom approx 70k miles done on standard engine, no modifications. OPEN TO OFFERS Here is a video of the engine before we removed it from the vehicle
  9. Skyline GTS R33 2.5

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Just got my first skyline after wanting one for many years, i am changing the cam belt and water pump, also putting new shocks on the rear as you wouldnt beleive how bouncy it is. The paper work i have with the car is next to nothing, does anyone have the owners manual on pdf for example...