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  1. General
    Hey, I'm doing a manual swap to my ER34 and am in the process of getting the clutch for the Neo transmission. Is the neo Manual transmission a pull or push type of clutch? Thanks!
  2. General
    Hi there, i was wondering if it is possible to use a R34 GT NEO non turbo head with a R34 NEO GTT turbo bottom end? i know the differences are cams and intake ports are smaller on the na. thanks
    Recently put 25det NEO into r32 coupe. After a multitude of wiring issues the car was running, not too badly either a standard 5psi without the factory bleed off solenoid, followed by fuelling issues (which ended up being intank pump was not filling surge tank...DUH!) all sorted, got fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results