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  1. RB25 Neo clutch type

    Hey, I'm doing a manual swap to my ER34 and am in the process of getting the clutch for the Neo transmission. Is the neo Manual transmission a pull or push type of clutch? Thanks!
  2. Fuel pressure on RB25DET

    So I installed a greddy manifold and fuel rail on my RB25DET Neo and I’m having trouble setting the correct fuel pressure (43psi without vacuum). Every time I try set it the needle on the gauge flutters like mad. I can set the fuel pressure just below 40psi and the needle stays still. As soon as...
  3. R34 NEO DE, will NEO DET pistons work?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey folks, i have an r34 GT4, 4 door! im currently in the process of gathering parts to turbo charge my motor. I would like to run NEO rb25DET pistons, I just don't know if the pistons will work or not. Has anyone done this or knows and can show me infact it will work I beleive the head is...
  4. RB25det Neo, my first RB plz help guys...

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, So I have recently put my er34 on the road and everything has been going sweet until recently... last week I couldnt help but notice that when I put my foot down she was hesitating before taking off properly, almost like a boost lag. The funny thing is that I put my foot down, turbo kicks...