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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    I am searching for a ECU for my proyect, its a skyline R33 with rb26DET, single turbo, my goal is to make 400 hp max, and its a non Racing car its for the streets only its more a show car. Has someone used an Fueltech?
  2. Parts for Sale
    Hi all, my skyline is getting a total refresh so I'm wanting to sell all unnecessary parts. Both turbos,injectors,stock ecu + fcon pro v 3.1 with harness,stock harness,new uprated ignition coils + free plugs ( done 3k km with them), front and rear seats etc etc. Everything that goes out of the...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey all, Having a heck of a time trying to plan out my rebuild. I've got a spare engine in my garage that I'm due to overhaul. Can't figure out what I want to do. I don't want to go chasing big BHP but would like 300-400 without worrying too much. Trying to suss out the best combination of...
1-3 of 3 Results