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  1. General
    My new Automatic Pedal Covers came today, I should have measured them 1st since they are a bit too big :/ So I plan to modify them to get them to fit well and look good.. Can anyone tell me if I am supposed to leave the rubber pedal covers on there, or whether I should remove them before...
  2. General
    Gawd knows how I am gunna get the last part of the air-box to come out....any idea's ?? - Martin.
  3. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    there are 6 connection holding your spoiler to your boot, 3 on each side as im sure your aware, 2 of these 3 are screws and are easy to undo and remove the last 2 are clips that are harder to undo are where most people struggle, all you need is a screw driver and a mate to help. Get the screw...