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  1. re spray

    hey, im looking for some advice on where to go. i need to get my car re-sprayed in white, it is currently a mix of white and primer so will need the primer stipped off as its rattle can stuff. best quote so far is about 2k so anyone able to get it any cheaper or know anywhere that has a good...
  2. Karl's R33 in for respray

    Fully Loaded Cars
    Next through the door is Karl's lovely R33, in for a full respray.
  3. Look what's popped in for Respray!

    Fully Loaded Cars
    Customer just dropped off his GTR for a candy respray. Love these cars, such presence!
  4. Deano's R33 custom project at Knight-Racer

    Projects and Restorations
    This is a recent project completed by Knight-Racer. Customer collected the car the day before ISTS/Skyline Parade.... as witnessed by the skylien convoy from Scotland (when all 12 skylines decided to turn up unannounced! haha) Here's the work list (as far as i remember) All work carried out by...