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  1. General
    Spec 1, r33 gtst Ok so when I got the car the tach was broken, so I tried to do the solder fix and it didn't work. A friend of mine offered to trade me for an N/A gauge cluster, so I did and now everything works. One problem, I noticed it will rev into the 8k plus range. The previous owners...
    Hey guys, The rev gauge in my R33 goes a bit mental when there is power in the car, even when the car is turned on. The speedo is fine and shows the correct speed, but the revs go all over the place even when the engine is steady at the same revs. What could cause this to happen and what could...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, when im driving mt 95 gtst skyline i can put the foot down and theres a great boost of power when i hit 3 or 4000rpm but when in second or third gear it revs up and as it hits 3 or 4000 rpm it boosts but seems to stop for second before going higher in the revs ? i dont know whats...
1-3 of 3 Results