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  1. Running rich?

    Ok so my r32 had some troubles picking up speed when in first gear and also the car would make popping sound when in 1 gear as well. So I decided to check the ecu for error codes and it came out to be 55 which is no errors. (surprising) THEN I tired the o2 test and the led on the ecu stayed...
  2. overfueling on boost

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, I've searched around on this but could do with some advice. My GTS-T has been running fine for the last 18 months with the same tune, same parts etc. but very recently it's started running very rich on boost. My AEM wideband is showing 10:1 and it starts to hesitate (fuel cut?) as soon as...
  3. RB25det Running Rich, wastegate flutter

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys. I have a S2 R33 with RB25det, and I've started noticing some issues with it. I have researched and looked on most forums, but I haven't really found an answer. First problem is, that the car is running really rich, as in i get maybe 250 - 300km to a tank, and this is just normal...