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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    up and down controls for my drivers seat work fine but the forward and backward switches dont, also interior lights stopped working. to my mind its fuse problem can u tell me the real reason and how to fix it .thank you in advance
  2. TMS Motorsport (aka The Moff Shop)
    Hi guys, We've just got these seats in stock, R32 GTR Front seats re-trimmed in leather and what we suspect to be R32 GTR rear bench (R33 fitment). Really good condition with no wear on the bolsters, bit of sagging on the drivers seat base. Ideally after £950.00 however I'm open to sensible...
  3. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hey guys, I've been looking around for seat options for my R33 and like the look of all the new euro style bucket seats, and want them to be powered (as in electronically adjustable). I've come across Recaro SP JC, but I'm open to other ideas :grinno:
  4. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hey guys, is there any difference between the R33 GTST rear seats and the R33 GTR seats? I'm looking to replace my front seats with R33 GTR ones and if the rears are different then I'll look for them too :) All I've found is that they are interchangeable, but nothing on differences.
  5. General
    ^The other day I bought a pair of Custom COBRA MISANO seats.. ^This is what is fixed to the under side of them at the moment. My R33 just has standard seats and rails etc.. at the moment.. I want the seats to sit as low as possible, and if possible allow them to tilt back as well as...
  6. General
    After much thought, I have decided keep the standard seats in my R33 GTS, they seem alot more comfortable, I was looking at getting a pair of R32 GTR seats.. But sadly they were less than comfortable to say the least. I also liked the Cobra Monacco's but after much thought I have decided to...
  7. General
    Hi one and all, I'am looking into my options with reclining bucket seats, Here's my problem :- I'am 6' 11" tall, weigh almost 19 Stone, and have a 38" waiste.. I have seen seats that I like :- Bride : Lo Max, Cobra Daytona, I was interested in the GTR seats, but after sitting in one I...
  8. Swaps
    I have a pair of Technic 1210's without lids with Original Slip-mats.. and a record bag full of Hip-Hop Vinyl.. I am considering swapping them for either :- A) a pair of RECARO/COBRA/GTR Reclining Bucket seats + mounting kit for R33, or B) 4X 18" Wheels and Tyres (with good tread) ready...
  9. Knight Racer
    Got both front seats good condition, no rips.
1-9 of 9 Results