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  1. Vendors
    Hi traders. I need the gasket which is located between the sump of the auto gearbox and the gearbox itself. The sump has to be removed in order to change the filter inside the auto transmission. The metal filter fitted inside could also be of interest, depending on price :) It's for a R33 GTST...
    Hey guys, Just wondering where is a reliable and fair priced place to get my car serviced in Adelaide. cheers
  3. Knight Racer
    We have limited stock of this awesome stuff - Nulon 15w-50 Fully Synthetic Street and Track High Performance Engine Oil. More information can be found here: We are doing a special offer price for 5 litre tub and oil filter...
    Hey Guys, i have a r34 gt-t automatic and its just about to hit 100,000 km. i want to know what is needed to be done and how much on average it would cost to get it done by a mechanic. cheers
1-4 of 4 Results