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  1. General
    I was just wondering is the club going to JAE this year. I'm thinking of going and wondering if there's a stand or if anyone knows of a club with a stand that fancy another skyline on it. Cheers Chris
  2. General
    As some of you will know, SkylineOwners.Com will have a stand at Japfest on Sunday 24th April, we currently have at least 16 cars confirmed for the stand but no flag to represent SkylineOwners.Com ! I have found a couple of vendors who do the flags and it has been agreed to get 1 or even 2...
  3. South East
    Right every First Wednesday of the month April to October there is a free meet at brands hatch. If we want a club stand it's a couple pound per person I think but could easily just all meet locally and turn up as a group and park as a group. There is also track time. Can go on individual or as a...
  4. The Photograpy Section
    Here is a selection of photos ive taken of friends,my brother (s2000) & cars ive seen at shows,meets etc etc hope you like them guys & girls :)
1-4 of 5 Results