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  1. R32 4 door Skirts

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    looking for ever and cannot find a OEM set of type m sedan side skirts. Anyone have a lead?? Im located in Washington and willing to pay to ship!! The new ride has made it to the states and is in need of some aesthetic mods asap!
  2. Genuine IMPUL Side Skirts R34GTT NEW! £250 ONO

    Knight Racer
    Got a BRAND NEW set of GENUINE IMPUL Side Skirts for the R34 GTT Looking for £250 or nearest OFFER ;)
  3. R33 Side Skirt Retaining Clips

    Anyone know where I can get new ones from? I need to replace all of them, as I couldn't get them out without breaking them, hand fisted oaf that I am ! Anyone know anyone in the panel clip business?
  4. r33 gts bits...gtr spoiler etc

    Parts for Sale
    was gonna keep these bits for a 33 in the future but think after having 5 of them i am gonna hold onto this one so gonna move these bits on to fund toys for my 33 R33 GTR spoiler...SOLD!!! GTR spoiler blade...SOLD!!! R33 GTS skirts unknown make need little tidy up. SOLD!!! R33 GTR oe rear...