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  1. Brake Squeak

    Hi guys, I recently got myself a 95 R33 GTST, and I'm in love. However, the front brakes are squeaking horrendously when gentle applying the brakes coming up to junctions/lights etc. So, I did the norm and replaced the pads, no joy. So dug deeper, and have now ended up doing almost EVERYTHING...
  2. Series 2 Rb25det, Missfire

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys just thought I’d put a post up and ask some people’s opinions while we are on lockdown here in NZ. I’ve got a series 2 25det in a 32 coupe and it’s missing / stuttering right on limiter, like it won’t sit on limi and bang off it . Eg if I’m in a slide it’ll be fine till I wana clutch...
  3. Hello all! Advice needed! R33 GTST

    Good evening everyone, I have a bit of a massive problem which is partly down to my excitement of owning a skyline but here goes... So last year i decided to take a loan out and get myself a skyline for a weekend toy. I looked on ebay and auto trader and found a handful from "Jap import cars"...
  4. Rules to restoration

    Hi all, I have an ER34 and plan to restore her to the factory standard and sell her much later in life as a "stock standard ER34". She is an Auto RB20DE NEO. I have few people agreeing that putting a Manual RB25DE NEO in her won't take her away from being factory standard as some came like...
  5. USA Southern Cali looking for any skyline model

    Hi I'm looking to buy my first skyline but I can't find any around where I live and is it possible to have them imported here? (San Diego)
  6. NOOB QUESTION :- R33 RB20E throttle body spacer..

    N/A Forum
    [/IMG] Hi, I know my engine is bottom of the Skyline chain, (RB20E - 2L GTS AUTO NON TURBO) But until I can afford my GTS-T engine upgrade, I want to get her at least sounding a bit nicer and performing a bit better too if possible. I plan to take off the stock air-filter and housing and...
  7. Nissan Chassis code designations

    Hey there, Does anyone know if there is a chassis designation chart on here? I think it would be useful, as I've often thought about the chassis codes and what they mean. Cheers guys
  8. JapShow pics

    Drift/Drag Media Section
    few snaps more here
  9. Auto Trans jerking

    AUSTRALIA MEMBERS FORUM i got a 33 auto, she seems to like to jerk, mainly in the mornings like when its cold. seems to jerk everytime it wants to change gear between 1st,2nd and third. now i always thought this was normal hence the really cold start up. but if no one else has this....i guess i...
  10. R33 RB25DET Spec 2 GTX35 Looooong project story!!!

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi! Im finally managed to put my self together and start this thread of my stupidly expensive project for R33 RB25 Spec 2 so far have thrown at it 15k just for parts, since im doing it all my self im saving tons on labour, cos the car is being modified inside out, including head, block...
  11. RB25DET runs on 4cyl

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi everyone. I started up my skyline after 5months. It runned on all 6 unntil i started driving a little bit, then it started running on 5 and now on 4 cylinder. It wont run on cyl 4&5. I have ignition and i have tried to switch coils and sparkplugs so i know they work. I can hear the injectors...
  12. Need some advice on a 1991 Skyline R32 GTST

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I am looking for someone to give me advice on this 91 skyline. I have never owned a Skyline and do not know the history of the engine/transmission. I would like to know if $8000 is reasonable for the GTST with 100,000km on it. Questions: Were there any issues with transmissions, clutches...
  13. Have you seen your Cars double ??

    HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR CARS TWIN ?? I decided to start a thread on this since I was browsing E-Bay for general parts etc.. and I came across another R-33 that look really similar to my cay when I first got it.. Its not identical but at a glance it looked the same, if anything I'd add the car on...
  14. GTR33 brakes overheat problem

    Gents this is my first ever thread..i got used of this website ALOT..thanx to every one so i worked hard to buy my first car ever..which is skyline R32 GTS :) and started to wotk on it, first thing i put new engine ( its2JZ-GTE ):werd: i know ! now i have this brakes problem..i did R33 GTR...
  15. Utopia Trailer

    The Photograpy Section
    Here ia a quick look to a film shot in Alberta canada on a abandon track. full film coming in the next few weeks! Enjoy!
  16. 1993 r33 hicas

    hi guys just recently purchased a r33 1993 and just registered for this site, i was wondering if my nissan skyline r33 does have hicas. i believe the hicas ecu is located in my boot? but then again i could be wrong.... cheers
  17. Brett_S's Skyline thread now with engine swap

    Projects and Restorations
    Well i might as well kick one off now as there is an amount of work i want and need to do on the new toy Picked it up yesterday was a good ride out and a steady ride back with my mates 400bhp S4 chomping on my bumper all the way :D Anyway when i got home i noticed a tiny oil leak well ok it was...
  18. Nissan Skyline R33 Spec 2 - 400BHP

    Cars for Sale
    Up for sale is my very much loved Nissan Skyline R33 Spec 2, anyone who knows me or the car knows that this is a very difficult for sale advert for me. 12 Months MOT and 6 Months Tax It runs approx 400BHP and 450 ft lb torque. Comes with a Cusco 2-Way LSD and hybrid turbo with steel internals...
  19. Looking for R34 dashmat.

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you could help me with finding an r34 dash mat, for a non turbo '98 model. I've looked almost everywhere online and in shops, and nobody sells them. Thanks guys.
  20. Buyin an r34 GTT (need help!)

    Hi, I recently found an r34 gtt on trademe, as im thinking of buying an automatic one then putting in a manual transmission and doing the rest from there. It has 200km on the clock, and could someone also please certify if this is a legitamite r34 GTT, as im not entirely sure as the tail looks...