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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys, a few days ago i started my car (R33 GTST - RB25det) and noticed it ran pretty rough. so went into diagnostic mode checking everything until i got to checking coil packs and noticed no change in idle when unplugging cyl 6. so i replaced the spark plug and still no change. so i stuck a...
  2. Projects and Restorations
    Hello everyone, let me start off with saying I own a Nissan Skyline R33. Recently its been sitting up for awhile due to no funding for repair. The car was running fine before but after being laid up for so long im having a no start issue. I replaced the fuel pump relay, ignitor and coils. But im...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    So I'm currently changing sparkplugs on my RB25DET. It's first time changing them, (atleast for me) and since I don't know when they were last changed, I figured it was a good idea. I've taken the old ones out and put the new ones in, but now I'm not totally confident wether it'll run better or...
1-3 of 3 Results