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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey all, newbie here. I've had an r32 here in south florida since may, been fixing it up. People say its one of the cleanest ones around here.. ..not to brag.. but anyway, I got some issues with my HICAS system, and I need some advice. When the car first got here, the HICAS light would come...
    Hey guys, The rev gauge in my R33 goes a bit mental when there is power in the car, even when the car is turned on. The speedo is fine and shows the correct speed, but the revs go all over the place even when the engine is steady at the same revs. What could cause this to happen and what could...
  3. Parts Wanted
    After the following parts: Speedo Cable ECU Coolant Temp Sensor Coilpack Ignition Amplifier If anyone has any could you let me know how much you'd want for them, cheers!
1-3 of 3 Results