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    Hi, First time post, so thanks in advance, wanted to say there is a lot of great info here on the forums. I have searched all over and am looking to tune my car. I have a Stagea rs4 series 1 with the RB25DET. So far the car has had some mods including the manual conversion, stage 3 clutch...
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    Greeetings Aloha!! I am a little new to the RB scene and this is the first one i owned. Always a Nissan Fan Boy, My other is a heavily modified 300zx (Z32) with 450 break and wide body kit all fitted myself. Having done that I moved on to the next project and thought a Stagea fits my bill...
  3. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to replace the Japanese tv/air control console (pictured) with a common analog control setup? I believe my one has a loose connection somewhere inside it because it turns off and on with slight bumps :crazy: Cheers
  4. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, Have been researching for days about this issue, but to no avail. Sorry for the wall of text, it is my attempt at being thorough! I have recently dropped a RB25DET NEO (Stagea version) in to my R32. Quick run down: NEO loom - have had an auto electrician add required plugs for R32...
    Hi all, Am hoping someone can help. Thermo fans on the radiator of my 2005 PM35 Stagea have burnt out and need replacing. Finding it hard to source any from wreckers in Sydney. Anyone have any suggestions as to where i can find some or even aftermarket thermos that will fit? Thanks, Heinz
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    Hi all I've had this car for about three weeks now and am just at the point where I can get it on the road. I bought it at avoid price with a couple of outstanding problems. The car was intermittantly overheating and the rear seatbelts were inoperable after the previous owner removed them for a...
  7. Projects and Restorations
    Due to no one being willing (or daft) enough to buy either of my two cars i have now decided to take em both off the road and treat em as rebuilds. thankfully i've aquired the use of a diesel, so for the time being i am mobile while both the beasts are laid up. jobs list...
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    Is there any way to disable the backup beeper when you're reversing a Stagea? annoys the hell out of me and only seems to be audible inside the car which is useless. meep meeep meep meeep meep meeep meep etc.
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    Besides going to a Nissan parts dealer anyone know where I can get inner drive boots at a reasonable cost? (tbh I don't even know what an inner drive boot is - mechanic just told me they are worn and the cause of a creaking noise in my Stagea)
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    What tyres are you running with on your Stagea? I'm running a set of Triangle 205/60 R16's and wondering what else wears well and gives good grip. I'm also interested in your views on which winter tyres to go with. We have a lot of snow here in Ireland at the moment.
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    hi all :) ive just swapped my mr2 turbo for a 1997 stagea rs4 2.5 turbo auto but it has a problem upon driving home it cut out then i pulled over and it started striaght back up no problem it has done this a few times on the way back home but drove it all weekend and it did not cut out once...