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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Help! Any help is appreciated. So long story short, bought the car in Portland, drove it back to denver. Has the NEO motor in it. No issues at all until I was around denver that when going to idle while driving or coming to a stoplight, the car would die. Starts right back up though. Had it...
  2. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all, I recently joined the skyline club and got myself an R33 gtst with almost no mods. I am however having issues where the car cuts out when driving. First time this happened was when returning from Wales and it died after 2 hours of driving. Now it seems to be more common however no real...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Need help trying to fix my R33, it stalls usually when im boosting at low rpm and then starts up again. I've got to replace the coil packs, there causing misfire and when i start my car it sounds rough but would correct itself after warming up, but the stalling all started when i found my turbo...
1-3 of 3 Results