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  1. Notes on Double DIN installation

    VQ Electrics/ECU/Ice
    Hello all. I thought I'd document my notes here in case they're useful to anyone else. I got a Metra double DIN dash kit for the GT (ordered the Connects2 one but that's another story) and the 70-7551 cable harness to link up the Kenwood DDX head unit. Once all of the bits had arrived it wasn't...
  2. Aftermarket Stereo with factory TV

    VQ Electrics/ECU/Ice
    Hi , guys im from the island of Curacao and im new to this Forum, i've been driving a 2004.5 Skyline Sedan 350gt for the last 6 months, and i have to say it is wonderfull car ..blah blah ,, lets get to the point :) ,, ive decided to buy a Double Din dvd Stereo to replace that crappy Nissan...
  3. R34 Stereo wiring issue

    Audio / ICE
    I just installed a pioneer double din dvd receiver. (first time install) i used a 240SX wiring harness because they seemed to match up. Everything looked good after the install but the audio is really faint, and my front right speaker isn't getting any audio. I can take a picture of my...
  4. R34 Stereo - Will it fit?

    Audio / ICE
    I searched for a while, someone already asked this question, but I was warned once about necromancing old threads haha, so I thought I'd make a fresh question. When I get the car it already came with an aftermarket carrozzeria double din cd player, but it's crap and I want to replace it, but...