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  1. Rules to restoration

    Hi all, I have an ER34 and plan to restore her to the factory standard and sell her much later in life as a "stock standard ER34". She is an Auto RB20DE NEO. I have few people agreeing that putting a Manual RB25DE NEO in her won't take her away from being factory standard as some came like...
  2. Taking Stock 96 GTS25T R33 To The Track

    Hi, next Friday I'm taking my fully stock setup to the track, I'm going to change the oil (penrite), maybe change trans fluid. It's only done 36,000ks. Is there any other tweaks I should be doing before hitting the track? It's an autobox. I've got a bit of money to play with, about...
  3. Stock RB25DET Neo - 110 Octane and Nistune Remap

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    As per title. Whats everyone's thoughts? Stock RB25DET Neo - Mapped on Nistune using 105 OR 110 Sunoco (and sticking to it.) My RB25DET Neo is pretty much bone stock. Aftermarket induction. FMIC + Piping Straight pipe turbo-back. Drift circuit use only.