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  1. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    So I spun out, hit the curb and my rear left tire on my 1996 R33 Gtst took the impact Upon inspection from a performance and body shop, the subframe is bent an inch, control arms tie rod and other suspension components are damaged. No shop in Vancouver B.C (where I’m located) will take the car...
  2. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello! So I have a 2 door R34 GT (RB20DE) and a bunch of spare parts I'm currently restoring. I plan on swapping an R32 RB26 (RWD converted pan), running spare R34 rb20de subframe front and rear, CD009 with Collins Type billet adapter plate, R34 GTR brakes, NISMO 2-way S14 diff, V-Spec axles...