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  1. RB20DE automatic -> manual?

    N/A Forum
    New here. this is my first official post other than my greetings Lol. I browsed through a few pages in this N/A section to no avail. It's getting late so i decided to post. I have an r32 sedan and it's got an automatic transmission. I'm growing bored of it and I am wondering what options i...
  2. 240sx Coupe Convertible RB26 Swap

    Other Nissan Models
    Hello guys, I'm thinking about buying a 95 240sx Coupe Convertible. The car is in great shape and is very well kept. It has an SR20DET in it, but I would like to eventually swap an RB26 in it. Does anyone know of how much it would cost or some of the challenges I'd have to overcome during the...

    Parts Wanted
    Hi, as happy as I am with the wheels I have got ready to go on after the 5 stud hub conversion.. (do need a refurb) .. I would like to swap them for some GTR Rota 18's with tyres.. My wheels 17's defo need some TLC but they are quite deep dished and will suit the SKYLINE well, But I really...
  4. TECHNICS 1210 Mk 2 for possible swap ?

    I have a pair of Technic 1210's without lids with Original Slip-mats.. and a record bag full of Hip-Hop Vinyl.. I am considering swapping them for either :- A) a pair of RECARO/COBRA/GTR Reclining Bucket seats + mounting kit for R33, or B) 4X 18" Wheels and Tyres (with good tread) ready...
  5. Hi people advice please

    Hi peps I'm newly a skyline owner an I love them always have being young an all it's hard to get insurance on them as you know. Right I need a little advice an since everyone here is properbly abit older than the people on yes I had a Honda, I might be able to get a straight answer...
  6. Massive big gay Uras wing for swapsies!

    I have a humongous homosexual genuine Uras carbon print wing as supplied by Dave W of the GTR shop up for swapsies or a possible sale :) Would happily swap for some nice 17's :cheers: