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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Guys, so last week after a hard drive my R34 GTT has a pretty loud whining/wirring Noise coming from the front of the Engine. Its hard to catch on Camera since theres a lot of windnoise coming from the Ventilator in the front, i guess you can hear it the best while idling after reving it...
  2. General
    When I bought the car, it already had a HKS kevlar timing belt on it; apparently it hadn't been on long. Upon inspection yesterday, there is a very, very small slit in the belt. I hadn't noticed it before but it doesn't look like wear and tear, more like a scalpel cut not a rip. I'm going to go...
  3. Dyno Tuner Ltd
    This post is where we will post common job prices so you can get a idea of what things cost. We will add to this over the next week. Clutch Swap R32/33/34 GTST/GTT £132 + clutch R32/33/34 GTR £231 + clutch RB Timing Belt Change including belt + tensioners & antifreeze £300
1-3 of 3 Results