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  1. General
    Long Story short: Would you guys buy a R34 GTT with built engine (reinforced, rated for 700PS, running at 450) for Alpine Roads, 10-15 Track Days per year and Weekend Roadtrips to other Countrys doing 1000-1500km in a short time?
    Hi, next Friday I'm taking my fully stock setup to the track, I'm going to change the oil (penrite), maybe change trans fluid. It's only done 36,000ks. Is there any other tweaks I should be doing before hitting the track? It's an autobox. I've got a bit of money to play with, about...
  3. All Things Drift, Drag and On-Track
    Hi all, Would you be interested in track day at RAF Odiham (Hook, Hampshire RG29 1QT). I'm sure we will have Marham in April, but some people were unhappy with petrol costs there and back. So although this will cost £140, you wont have the 2+ hours commute each way and accommodation. They...
  4. All Things Drift, Drag and On-Track
    Guys on fri 20th Nov I'm going to be doing a track day @Hullavington ran by Motorsport-events and a few of the Hampshire Jap car guys will be going. Its a cheap day @ only £99 with open pit and best of all they also have a Drift/play area. Sound limit is 100DB (Same as Castle Combe) The...
  5. Projects and Restorations
    She's gone from a completely std R33 GTST with just new wheels on To looking like this Have now just fitted new wheels and other bits to the car, what ya reckon? Here's the current spec; ENGINE: • Rising sun front mount intercooler • HKS S40i spark plugs • Apex-I power fc + Palm...
1-5 of 5 Results