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    I’m new to the forums, and I have some build questions. I wanted to do my build in the order of suspension, wheels and tires, cooling (inter cooler, oil cooler, radiator), and then bigger turbo, but I had to get a new turbo for my GTST. It is currently on a base tune and I’m getting a fuel pump...
  2. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, My stock turbo just blew (I think there's little ceramic turbine chunks in my cat right now) and I am considering a power upgrade on a 1996 R33 Skyline (manual trans with the RB25DET) I am torn between options for ECU, fuel injectors, EBC etc. At the moment it seems that the most...
  3. General
    I have a S1 R33 GTST and ive upgraded the turbo, intake manifold, intercooler, fuel rail and injectors. Im looking to get the Apexi Power Fc ecu to tune it all and I was wondering if its a good product (easy to use, no big problems) or if theres anything else that would be better for me. Thanks
  4. video section
    I believe you should watch this twice a day to put a smile on your face!
1-4 of 4 Results