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    Parts Wanted
    Currently looking for the old type Nismo turbo gauge exactly as one in pics If anyone has one and would consider selling please let me know Thanks
  2. Series 2 Rb25det, Missfire

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys just thought I’d put a post up and ask some people’s opinions while we are on lockdown here in NZ. I’ve got a series 2 25det in a 32 coupe and it’s missing / stuttering right on limiter, like it won’t sit on limi and bang off it . Eg if I’m in a slide it’ll be fine till I wana clutch...
  3. RB25DET NEO no oil from feed

    Ok so after a few months of upgrading the turbo, had new manifold, top mount holset hx32, custom oil feed line, return and exhaust. bla bla all the required parts, primes the turbo with new oil, removed spark and cranked engine over. No oil what so ever came out of the oil feed line, tried...
  4. Question for all TIG welders

    I’m needing an 90 elbow welded onto my compressor housing. The elbow I have is perfect fitment. the only problem is the elbow is aluminium and the compressor housing is cast aluminium. Can this be done, I’ve seen pictures online and it looks as if it’s been done before. What filler rod and what...
  5. Different R34 Center consoles for GTT?

    Hey all! I'm new here and this is my first post(Sorry to the admins if its not in the correct section!!) I am in the process of importing an R34 to Canada and I was wondering a few things... I'm looking for a GTT with fairly low mileage (50-100k KMS), manual trans, no accidents and overall...
  6. r33 gtst over boosting and hitting fuel cut?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    as above pretty much standard car, has FMIC but standard turbo,actuator and boost solenoid but once you give it throttle it will overboost and hit fuel cut ive seen it hit 15psi by the time i had let off? have changed the actuator still no difference also while the actuator was off i checked...
  7. someong help before i end up selling

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey everyone, getting really fed up now as the car is becoming a money pit and not solving the problems!!!! I have a fmic, divorced but plumbed back in elbow / downpipe, and hard pipes. its running the stock turbo and is overboosting when it gets to about 5k going up to around 15psi and is...
  8. Barra r32??

    Hey, First time poster here. Was curious if anyone on the forums has built or seen a R32 with a ford 4L Barra in it? My dad has a wrecked BF xr6 Turbo sitting in his back yard, and doesn't know what he wants to do with it. I can get my hands on a full R32 4 door rolling shell for cheep but...
  9. Ceramic impeller Destruction / Failure

    Ceramic impeller destruction So I finally got my car back. Ceramic impeller on the back turbo went during a standard service at the shop i regularly visit. Fortunately I have a warranty on the car and the engine replacement was covered. I have attached some pictures to show what happened...
  10. Putting a Turbo into a R32 GTS

    I own a GTS and was looking at possible setups for getting a turbo installed into my car. I know that it would be easier to sell my car and buy a GTS-T instead, but I've gotten in contact with a few sponsors. My questions are: - What is the stock turbo in a R32 GTS-T - What is the...
  11. Turbo troubles :(

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello, Got a r33 rb25 and it was running stock turbo at 12 psi. Car seems to be a little sluggish and free revving won't go above about 2psi. I used to get 12 psi at about 3500 but now it's struggling to hit it even at 6k! Is this the turbo saying good bye or is there a more likely option...
  12. Introducing Myself!

    Hello, My name is Brandon! I am 19 year old from Colorado. I recently purchased an R32 GT-R from Canada, she is gunmetal grey and her name is Kate. I'm still getting into cars and thought joining a forum for my car would help me get to know her better. I drag race often, I currently have a '01...
  13. Adding Turbos to R34 GTS

    I was looking into getting a Skyline for while and I saw a R34 GTS with a RB26DE already installed in the car, but I then saw someone selling the turbos that go onto the RB26 series engine and was wondering if it is possible and how hard/expensive it would be to install the turbos, the seller is...
  14. engine stalled after run, now wont start. Help!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    So a little back story. Im an American living in Germany and I'll be coming back to the states in 2018. Which is great because my 93 r32 will be just old enough to come with. Anyway, I picked up this car about 6 months ago. It drove perfectly. It has 58,000 miles on it and looks garage kept...
  15. Hybrid Turbo, Stainless elbow, Decat

    Parts for Sale
    TFS stage 3 Hybrid turbo,, been on my car exactly 2 years and came off in a spanking condition very very little play, £300, comes with the silicone turbo inlet pipe, from turbo to maf in black, not pictured stainless divided elbow, £40 Decat, £30
  16. RB20DE to RB25DET swap

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi All, This is my first post in the forum. I have a 1998 R34 GT with an RB20DE Neo (see pic). So far I have upgraded the brakes to the 4 piston front and 2 piston rear, coilovers all around, and some camber/adjustment arms. I'm looking to swap the non-turbo RB20DE with an RB25DET (I know...
  17. Mod Plating a turbo on an na 33 coupe

    New to the forums and Modding scene. I am looking at turboing my R33 coupe but am a little worried about mod plating it, I have gone as far as to get stock intercooler and blow off valve with the charcoal canister lines and everything. Has anyone been down this road does anyone know what they...
  18. 1996 R33 GTS-T RB25DET Power Potential

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, My stock turbo just blew (I think there's little ceramic turbine chunks in my cat right now) and I am considering a power upgrade on a 1996 R33 Skyline (manual trans with the RB25DET) I am torn between options for ECU, fuel injectors, EBC etc. At the moment it seems that the most...
  19. stuttering in 2nd at 3000 rpms. turbo problems?

    sorry to bother but I need help.had a problem with "mighty mouse"(my r32 GTR) the other day. my friend was thinking about getting a skyline and I let him drive it on our way to up garage. I've been babying the car until i got some maintenance done, so I guess i really didn't notice until he said...
  20. My first skyline. R33 GTST

    Hey guys. I'm new here as ye may know. Recently bought my first skyline. Really impressed with it. It's my 3rd car overall as I'm only 22. The car has 88,000km/55,000miles. Has RB25DETT engine with upgraded turbo,intake, mani, exhaust, map etc. Currently making 424bhp. This makes it a...