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  1. Currently running huge winter tyres, need something for summer!

    Currently running winter tyres on a shocking set of very light weight 275/35/19 wheels!! They do look rather sick though! Anyone got any recommendations for some nice wheels that I can put some new tyres on? I'm thinking 225/40/18 for the summer as I was under the impression that this is the...
  2. Tyres/Tires

    Stagea Owners Forum
    What tyres are you running with on your Stagea? I'm running a set of Triangle 205/60 R16's and wondering what else wears well and gives good grip. I'm also interested in your views on which winter tyres to go with. We have a lot of snow here in Ireland at the moment.
  3. ** driving in a straight line **

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hiya i have a r33 gtst and have problems driving in a straight line, everytime i press the gas it just swings out, ive tried putting wide 255 45 r18 on the back but still swings... Any suggestions???