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  1. r32 wheels

    I have a set of r32 gts wheels 16x6.5. I have no need for them, anyone know what they are going for? They have slight curb rash on 2, from the previous owner.Looking to sell them for other parts I may need in the future.
  2. Skyline r33 wide body help

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi all, Im new to this so excuse me if i do somthing wrong Lol So i started my project my car is skyline r33 gtst but gtr registered:naughty: Ive done a wide body modification My archs have now been modified by 100mm its f'in wide haha its all custom works current wheels are 9.5j et 37 I...
  3. IMPUL - Need help sourcing parts and impuls contact details

    Hi Guys Lookinh for some part for my 1998 R34 GT-T Aero One of my wheels has cracked in three places and is now not irrepairable. I believe they are Impul RS supercast lightweight alloy wheels Does anyone know where I could source one or more of these wheels please? Also, I need a new back...
  4. Hubcentric Rings

    Yeah, they're pretty straightforward. So the CB on a 1990 R32 is 66mm, and I need a ring that goes to 73.1; all I can find is 66.1mm to 73.1mm, will I need a shim or anything to make up that .1mm, or is .1mm not anything to worry about?
  5. Currently running huge winter tyres, need something for summer!

    Currently running winter tyres on a shocking set of very light weight 275/35/19 wheels!! They do look rather sick though! Anyone got any recommendations for some nice wheels that I can put some new tyres on? I'm thinking 225/40/18 for the summer as I was under the impression that this is the...
  6. best looking alloys

    i have a r33 gtst and am soon to be looking for some alloys, can some people post their set up and maybe a picture of 2 so i can see what looks good and the best offsets etc. i don't really want to have to flare the arches. i am thinking rota grid drift in 18x9.5 et30 but Im sure I've seen...

    Photoshop Forum
    Above is my car still needs to be re-sprayed light Silver (same shade as the doors), and the bonnet, roof and spoiler will be carbon wrapped.. ^Above are the wheels I plan to put on my R33 But I am un-sure of what color I'll be having them in.. ^I found N4TH4N on this site, who has...

    A few months ago I bought these... Work Equip 05 (stepped lip version) 17x9 et42 & 17x10 et44 As you can see they were very untidy and the offsets were cramping my style but as they are one of my favourite model of wheel I had to have them! I set about grabbing as much info on replacing...

    :attention::attention::attention: Does anyone know what MAKE & MODEL these wheels are ?? I want to get the center caps etc for them... !? ^These are the only stickers on them, if that helps at all ?? Regards Martin :cheers:
  10. Cleethorpes - Wings and wheels 2013

    Hi Folks Recieved this today so who's up for it?? Message me if so please! Cleethorpes Wings & Wheels event 15th September Dear Sir We, the Armed Forces Events team at Cleethorpes have been asked if we could organise a Wings and Wheels event in Cleethorpes Meridian Park on 15 September 2013...
  11. 17" Alloys **cheap**

    Parts for Sale
    ALLOYS FOR SALE. Will fit subaru, skyline, honda universal multi spoke alloys. No cracks no buckles. Could do with refurb. 17". £80.
  12. R34 parts for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Hi all, this is a bit of a feeler and I have been away from the community for a little while so if the details prices etc are way off please let me know, R34gtt standard boot lid in white together with standard spoiler did have a bit of surface rust around 3rd brake light which was treated long...
  13. Wheel refurb!

    Knight Racer
    Has anyone seen a set of GTR alloy wheels like these? Currently being refurbed in house for a customer.... more photos to come..
  14. JAWA 17" 5x114.3 Staggered Split Rims (Monoblock style)

    Parts for Sale
    17" staggered width, 9j rears 8j fronts. Unknown offset, but at a guess I'd say 35. 5x114.3 PCD so will fit skylines, some s-bodys. Genuine splitters. Not bad condition but not damaged. Will clean up very nicely indeed. £300 collected or can courier at buyers expense. Located in Bath, Somerset.
  15. R32 GTR Alloys & Tyres £350!

    Knight Racer
    Got a set of these Genuine Nissan R32 GTR Magnesium Alloy Wheels in mint condition with tyres all for only £350!
  16. Japanese container arriving soon!

    Knight Racer
    We are shipping in containers full of half cut vehicles and parts... the next one is due in a couple of weeks with some of the following parts if anyone is interested :) Tanabe Sustec Pro S-S Nissan Skyline R32 Suspension Kit Apexi Nissan Skyline R33 Series Suspension Kit Nismo Nissan Skyline...
  17. Just had a facelift!

    Knight Racer Our online shop has just had a small facelift, more user friendly and products updated on a daily basis. Our product list is never ending... - bodykits, bumpers, spoilers, side skirts.. - wings, fenders, overfenders... - carbon bonnets, carbon bootlids, carbon...
  18. AVS wheels needed - or similar complete set... urgent.

    Hi there, today when washing my car I noticed what I initially thought to be a tar mark on one of the rims. Then upon close inspection - it became clear it was indeed a crack in the rim itself. It is almost cracked through - and I sure as hell do not wanna be around when that rim decides to...
  19. Wolfrace Sharks at a good price

    Mrs Raiser got me a set of these for my Birthday -because the ones on the car are a bit tired. Bargain of the year........ and no I don't work for them. ...
  20. 18's on an R32 GTS-t. Yes or No?

    I originally wanted to upgrade the standard 16's to 17's but I've fallen in love with these wheels: Problem is, they only come in 18's to fit Skylines. They are 8.5 wide. My question is will they rub the arches, cause tramlining or any other...