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  1. white r33

    Projects and Restorations
    so i got myself a tidy r33 in march (i think) and it was okay on bodywork and engine as i got it from a bodyshop (2nd owner) . it had a cracked bumper, some mild paint cracks and some small pin rust spots. got it back to my garage and started work removing the rust and side skirts to find that...
  2. re spray

    hey, im looking for some advice on where to go. i need to get my car re-sprayed in white, it is currently a mix of white and primer so will need the primer stipped off as its rattle can stuff. best quote so far is about 2k so anyone able to get it any cheaper or know anywhere that has a good...
  3. Drew's white R33

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi everyone this is not really a long build thread but more of a before and after, this is my r33 gtst when I first got it. And here's how she looks now, GTR style front bumper, full respray, front mount intercooler, clear nismo side indicators, air intake pipe, LED day time...
  4. WHITE R33 GTST "STOLEN" !!!

    Amber from the Jap-Mad Club in Essex has sadly had her pride and joy STOLEN & right before Christmas :( :( HER MESSAGE AS FOLLOWS :- •*•*•* HELP! Nissan Skyline R33 STOLEN! •*•*•*• Please Share!! Car is believed to be somewhere in Spalding, Peterborough area. Number plate M69JGB. Without...

    Whilst I've been repairing a headlight I starting thinking (dangerous I know :) lol..) but I did plan to do an HID kit to get ultra bright white headlights, but then found the kit was a bit sketchy and I really needed Plasma lights.. Anyway ..its just occurred to me that I could just change the...
  6. calling all traders!

    Any of you traders out there know of the best way of getting a bonnet from point A to point B? or could anyone tell me the dimensions and weight of a standard R33 GTST S1 bonnet? Many thanks :)