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  1. R32 rear glass question

    Hello, Hi, and good evening! I just joined this forum today, I own a 90' R32 GTS-t and I am in the process of removing the rear glass due to repainting the entire car and need to fix some rust in the lower corners of the rear window. I bought all new OEM rear window trim and the retainer, the...
  2. 4 door gtst window seals

    Is there anywhere stateside that supplies the read window seals for a r32 gtst 4 door? I can find them all day long on ebay for a two door/gtr. However, occasionally a set will pop up for 800 bucks, but that is a little pricey.
  3. Replacing window Moldings front & rear (R33)

    Hi! I have a question regarding changing the window moldings on a R33 Gtst front and rear. The part numbers for the items is the following: * 72752-22U00 OEM Windshield Molding * 72725-24U00 Front Window Moulding * 79780-24U00 Molding fastener * 79752-22U00 Rear Window Moulding I...
  4. How to fix the relay box for the drivers window

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi just done this with my car after getting caught a few times with the rain. just to fallow up with whats said. Tools needed, Screwdrivers, Phillips and small flat head. Soldering Iron and Solder. Time to do the job, 10 Mins. 1. Remove the door card 2. Locate automatic window relay box...
  5. 350gt rear window

    someone has put a brick through my back window, just wondering where would be the cheapest place to get a replacement? all help is appreciated
  6. R32 Lexan Front Windscreens

    Knight Racer
    Super hardcoated lightweight polycarbonate windscreen For R32 fitment RRP £550 + VAT KR Price £495 + VAT We can also supply the window kits which consists of: 1 x Thermoformed rear window 2 x Thermoformed rear 1/4 windows 2 x Thermoformed door windows RRP £350 + VAT KR Price £295 + VAT...
  7. R34 Rear Windscreen £200 ONO

    Parts for Sale
    got one of these off an R34 GTT Take offers around £200. Unfortunately we cannot send these on a courier, but can deliver at a cost, or you can collect in person of course ;)
  8. Help!!!

    HELLO, PLEASE HELP ME!! I need a front windshield for my 93' R33 GTST. I work in the US military and I will be leaving Belgium in 2 months and need a new front window to pass CT in Belgium. I plan on selling my car but as you know you cant sell without valid CT.. HELP!!!
  9. Rear Windscreen off R34 GTT

    Knight Racer
    Got one in immaculate condition £200 ONO
  10. Front Windscreen off R34 GTT

    Knight Racer
    Got one in immaculate condition. £200 ONO