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  1. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    looking to upgrade to xenon seeing as no one seems to know about led conversions. so where does anyone get their projectors from as the ones i can find are mostly in america and i know that i will get stung on import charges
  2. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    I've been searching and searching for a guide on how to convert my R34 Xenon headlights to driving in the right side of the road. In a lot of European countries your car will fail an MOT if the light pattern is not converted. And let me start by saying, that this is not the legal way of doing...
  3. Knight Racer
    We are offering members a set of HID Xenon kits with FREE matching Super Bright WHITE LED side light bulbs and FREE delivery on any of the kits. While stocks last! NEW Ultra SLIM HID Xenon Kit 6000k 35w We have the following bulb fitments in stock: H1 - for R33 skyline H3 - some R32...
  4. Knight Racer
    Perfect for winter months especially when the days are shorter and its almost pitch black by 5pm! So we are offering these as a XMAS SPECIAL! ;) These are a NEW range of HID Xenon kits available at Knight-Racer and we got PLENTY of stock! ULTRA THIN/SLIM Ballast packs making it a lot...
  5. Knight Racer
    H1 (R33 Fitment and some R32) 6000k / 35w HID Xenon Kit HID Xenon kit H1 fitment £49.99 + VAT
  6. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Need a little bit of your advice here - as per subject : one of the bulbs on my r34 gtt needs replacing, so question - where to buy it, and how to fit in Cheers Bob
1-6 of 7 Results