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100,000 km service

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Hey Guys,
i have a r34 gt-t automatic and its just about to hit 100,000 km. i want to know what is needed to be done and how much on average it would cost to get it done by a mechanic.

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There are loads of things you could do... it depends how far you want to take it
The cam belt (inc idler, tensioner, water pump) would be priority
Then maybe transmission service, new diff oil.
What about engine oil, spark plugs etc? If they are due, do them
Check brake pads and disks
Check suspension, suspension bushes etc
Replace/clean some basic sensors (lambda, coolant temp, AFM etc)

I can't say how much a mechanic would charge, but you could probably do some of it yourself
cheers mate
i think i might do that
I know I looked recently into getting the timing belt kit for mine including idler pullys and tentioners was going to cost me $230 through repco and the water pump with gasket for $110. Labour if you don't do it yourself your looking at anywhere between $110 and $140 an hour depending where u go and they will probably quote you about 4-6 hours. Do what you can yourself I say :)
get onto, they are based in gold coast, qld and provide genuine/upgraded nissan gear at very good prices

worth a shot! and nisswreck are definitely who you want to hit up for parts if you cant find any online, nisswrecks always in stock and post is cheap and fast.

and cheers Banter's Minion im taking your advice, my local mechanics are rip offs :Uzi:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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