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17 inch split rims

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i am thinking about selling my wheels and looking for a differant style if any one would like to swap oor px let me know, these fit perfect on the 32 gtr and have a nice wide dish , looking for around £400 ono

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take it you want them white rotas then dave am goin to d abbotts on sunday to get me back box
Any close up pics of the wheels mate? Any marks? What size are they - offset, width?
yes they are made by stern, tyres 235/45/17 sorry they need a wash

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what the tyre tread like & make of tyres etc...


they are accerleara alpha tyres with about 6mm on them all
Give 'em a clean and take some pics mate, you might have more luck.
to be fair i have actually seen this close up and they are nice rims pictures dont do them justice at all well worth a look to someone after a set of splitrims. At that price bloody bargain
What's the width and offset?
i will have to take one off and have a look, i have new pads to fit at the weekend so will look then
car looks sweet after a bath
just put my pads in and on the wheel it say 15 which i think maybe the et also made in japan but no width but they are bloody wide lol
If not sure of offset? Stick them on a 33 and take some pics? Might be interested..:naughty:
i will if i get time and have a 33 to try them on
sweet ride dave;)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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