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I originally wanted to upgrade the standard 16's to 17's but I've fallen in love with these wheels:

Problem is, they only come in 18's to fit Skylines.

They are 8.5 wide.

My question is will they rub the arches, cause tramlining or any other problems on the Skyline? :dunno:

I don't want to ruin the drive of the car.

It's lowered 40mm all round.

If anyone knows of 17's very similar to these wheels it would also help.

Was thinking of the gold.. The car is gunmetal grey.

Thanks for any help :feedback:

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Nice wheels, i think a few of the other users on the forum have had problems with them though, specifically with the finish bubbling up.

They may tramline a bit, mine do and they're 255/40zr17 and 9.5" wide all round.

As far as rubbing the arches goes i wouldn't have thought they would as they are fairly big arches. (don't quote me on that tho)
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