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Hi all,

My car needs to go. I was thinking about doing some serious upgrades, but then the car is still going to be sitting for a good year or more. I dont want to leave the car sitting for so long, and the last week and a bit of it sitting has already started to annoy the hell out of me - keep wanting to go out and go for a blast!

So, it has to go. Send me offers of what you want to pay, and you never know, i may sell it to you!

1995 R33 GTST - spec 1 body, spec2 engine
GRP gtr front bumper with nismo crystal indicators
GTR grill
GRP bomex side skirts
GRP bomex rear spats
GRP bonnet
HID main lights with dual headlight conversion
NISMO tower strutbars front and rear
ARC anti roll bars front and rear
Nismo suspension components
Bilstein suspension with eibach springs (lowered and much stiffer)
17" rota GTR alloys 235 front and 255 rear (i think from memory)
blitz sus air filter
blitz fmic with hardpipe kit and silcone hoses
custom painted engine sparks cover/fuse box/radiator mounts
3" s/s exhaust including downpipe and hi-flow racing cat
limo tints at the back (full legal)
defi guages - water temp / boost
air/fuel ration guauge
tommei hi-cas locking kit
ATS 2way diff
racing starter button
2stage manual boost controller
momo steering wheel
razo pedals

probably some more mods included. engine is in perfect nick with the best oils that opieoils can provide! has got iridiums fitted, and i have done (didnt need it tho) the coil pack refurb.

problems: on cold the alternator makes a bit of noise, but cleans up when warm. Have tested and is not effecting power output. Some small amout of laquar has come off by the drivers side rear window. Front bumper has a crack and some paint come off due to flex and f***kin speed bumps!

I have removed the head of the engine, and all cams, etc are in perfect nick. all gaskets are in top notch too (which is nice). it is running a kevlar timing belt which is recently changed when i got it. I will include a standard timing belt from nissan too (not used). I am the first UK owner. Comes with the flare (oh yeah!).

Please only offer me money if you will look after it, cause it is still my dream car. I just cant bare to have it sitting around not being used (trying to clear my debts!)

My aim is around £6500, but am very much open to offers.

Please help with my debts and get a great car in return! :D


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nice car fella, shame i am buying a house and its out of my range...bloody house purchase wont go through quick enough to give me access to what i will have left so i can buy a skyline. arrgh...
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