This is an R33 gtst series 2 with 154k km / 95k mi. The car was purchased through Japanese Classics in May of 2021. Legally imported and title to Virginia and retitled in Indiana. Since purchasing the car it has been garage kept and barely driven.

The car is in great condition and has ran terrifically for me aside from the alternator that needed replaced.

The tachometer jumps and is not accurate. I had the ECU and dash resoldered professionally and unfortunately it did not solve the problem.

The boot has been replaced and I tracked down authentic floor mats. The wheel has been replaced but the stock wheel will be included in the sale of the car.

The audio speakers are not the greatest but do work. The right side drivers door occasionally loses power for a few seconds, but has never been an annoyance. The cabin lining sags just a bit in the back and can probably be glued back easily. There is a small tear in the drivers side seat to the right.

The car has had its front bumper replaced. I am unsure if this happened before the car was imported or if it was done by Japanese Classics.

Overall the car is in incredible shape and extremely clean for its age. You will for sure turn heads where ever you go in the states.

Please check out the images below and post if you have any questions. I am more than happy to supply pictures on request.

I do have a set of wheels, coilovers, rotors, and a high flow cat that have not been installed on the car. They are NOT included in the listed price.

4x gram light 57c midnight pearl
4x center caps and lug set
4x BC racing coilovers
4x dba slotted rotors
1 set of brembo brake pads