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this is my brothers car, 438whp at 18psi... :naughty:

this is the beast that runs at 38psi dayli driver with stock block. and to clarify is a Rb20 block and a RB25 head. hes know building the Rb26 for 900whp


bueno y aqui les voy a dejar varias fotos para q puedan asociar caras con nombres...

bueno de izq a derecha...

Luis Silvia, the best drifter from PR and the Caribean,owners of the green S14/ JAM Performance, my brother and owner of the S13 white just before the green S14/ Coco neigbor.

SR24(izq) y M-180sx(der) miembros de SCPR y Zlegends..

nuestro bn miembro JogaZ con un amigo o familiar

my self and another member from

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