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I have 2 x 52mm K-Racing gauges for sale...

I bought these from the GTR shop recently, and was told by Dave that K-racing is a huge brand in Japan...

BOOST - 52mm boost gauge, in BAR, white face - needs a new illumination bulb (like this when i got it but apparently easy to get one)


OIL TEMP - 52mm oil temp - PLEASE NOTE this gauge isn't currently working - once it was installed i realised it doesnt work (no illumination either)...not sure how/if they can be repaired but happy to sell for 10 quid. this includes all wires.

or both gauges for 40quid.

OR both gauges PLUS my TRUST a-pillar pod (see other thread) for 70quid all in?? -

this is a LOT less than i paid Dave at the GTR shop for them just recently....
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