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2004 BMW M3 Convertible - £8k Carbon Black Bargain!

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As I will soon be leaving for distant shores, my 'vert is up for sale. I know it's not a Skyline too, btw :gay:

I had planned on keeping this for the next few years (demonstrated by what I've done to it in the year and a half I've had it) but a new plan has forced my hand.

It has just come back from Chandlers BMW Brighton where it has had the subframe mounts (boot-floor) replaced under their good-will gesture scheme.

Yep - NO SUBFRAME WORRIES with this one! :D

While it was there I got them to re-furbish the OE 18" wheels (best size!), and add new genuine BMW centre caps as the old ones were a bit tatty.

The car has done under 45000 miles, backed up by old MOTs etc. (easily checked on-line) and it drives like a car of that mileage.

Full service history; running-in service at 1115 miles at BMW and then BMW and independents following that. Last service was oil at 42,708 and I got them to change the Vanos filter at the same time (I also supplied the TWS oil). The next service will be Inspection 1 in about 13000 miles according to the OBC.

Tyres are Continental M3 all round (no cheapo ditch-finders), all with around 7mm of tread (yep, even the rears!).

MOT was done April 24th this year, with just two advisories (both rear tyres were worn close to the legal limit, now obviously changed).

Munich Legends replaced the RTABs and also did the prop coupling in July and August last year.

Tax is good until June next year, i.e. more than 6 months.

Exterior is the best E46 colour; Carbon Black and similarly the interior is also the best (Kiwi Nappa).

More general details below:

15mm front spacers.
After-market Alpine HU driving OE HK audio with JBL ski-hatch sub with separate amp in boot. OE Steering wheel control I/F, bluetooth hands-free with separate mic, full-speed ipod interface.
Heated kiwi nappa leather memory seats.
Cup holders.
LED angel eyes.
Full interior LEDs / number plate exterior LEDs.
Black kidney grills.
Stubby boot aerial.
M-trak DSC mode programmed (plus most other programmable goodies done, such as alarm beep, key roof open/close, comedy hazards etc. etc.).
It's a manual (of course!).
Evolve re-map (including shift-lights).
Drain-pipe mod is also done.

Only fed V-Power and never used on short journeys (always warmed up properly before booting it).

Located in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Did I mention it's only £8k ???

Some photos (assuming I can get these to work - please post on this thread if you can't see them):

Oh, and in case you're drooling, the Suzuki X90 lolcar in the background is also for sale (and the house too for that matter!)
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Cheers; typical you get things to the best they've ever been just before selling them :(
Very nice mate Munich legends is top bmw garage good friend of mine works there so work carried out will be top notch and 8k for that mate seems very good price.
Cheers; it's a steal at that price :)
i can only reccomends these cars as i have had a few and its a great price to
i can only reccomends these cars as i have had a few and its a great price to
Cheers :)

It sure is plush! :D Probably one of the best na engines ever IMHO.
Is it just the angle of camera that makes the front grill gap to bumper between headlights on the pic with bonnet up,look strange.

Looks lovely, tempted for a e46 m3 myself but just I couldn pull off the soft top look/style/pose.... Or at least not feel gay lol
Must be the angle. I should take a front-on picture to clarify :)
very nice and at a good price good luck with the sale
Cheers; lovely weather to sell a 'vert right now too :rofl:
Is this still available? Does it have any faults, however small? Where about is the car?
Still available. It's CAT D by the way, hence the price :)

Couple of small stone chips etc. as you'd expect from an 8 year old car, but I may be getting these sorted (if not I'll knock some dosh off).

Mechanically spot-on. Just had the brake fluid changed (so the little clock symbol warning is now no longer shown in picture 10).

Located in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
When did it become a CAT D? What was the reason? Do you have any photos of the damage? How many owners has it had? What is the service history and paperwork like?
Sadly I have no info on what happened apart from what the HPI check said :(

5 former keepers, full service history (BMW and independents) - BMW themselves took copies of the service book before authorising the sub-frame mount repairs so I'm assuming they're happy with that (I was also very worried that as it's a CAT D they may have used that as an excuse not to do the repairs, but they were happy to go ahead).

Some paperwork from previous owners, I checked the MOTs on-line and they all match the mileage etc. I have all the paperwork from work I've had done of course.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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