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Hi guys, I'm a long time lurker on these forums and have been slowly working my way through increasingly faster cars, learning to handle the extra power available and trying to put money aside for the next car / power upgrade etc.

This has eventually led me up to the car I have now, a 285bhp Volvo 850R (2WD manual) previously owned by JC of Top Gear fame!

I'm increasingly feeling the need for more power nowadays and although I could continue modifying the Volvo, the next step would involve internals / turbo and I just don't think it would be right to play with the old girl in this way. Added to this I quite fancy a change of car completely so I think it's really time to move on car wise.

To cut to the chase I have narrowed my next car down to 2 possibilities. Audi S4 or R32 GTR.

The Audi (B5 - 2.7 twin turbo) has 265bhp standard and remaps to 310bhp with about 500Nm of torque (4wd quattro). Quite easily taken to 350bhp with a few modifications. Past this it appears to get quite expensive so might be a stumbling block in the near future.

Skyline R32 GTR seems to be about 300bhp, easily taken to 400bhp with Stage 1 modifications? 4wd / 2wd as required if I understand it.....

My question is regarding the transmission losses and how this translates to speed, also the torque figures for a Stage 1 R32 GTR.

850R - 285BHP through front 2 wheels - 400Nm
Audi S4 - 350BHP through 4 wheels - 500Nm
R32 GTR - 400BHP through 2/4 wheels ?Nm

Will the GTR "feel" significantly faster than my current car or the S4? I really want this next step up to be quite an increase in power so I'm thinking perhaps skip the S4 and go straight to the GTR.

So questions in easy to answer format!

1) Will the GTR "feel" significantly faster than my current car.
2) Same again for the S4?
3) Easy to get a R32 GTR to 400bhp?
4) How much roughly to get to 400bhp? Done properly not in danger of exploding!
5) After 400bhp where's the point where it starts to get expensive. I'd probably take the GTR all the way up to the point where the extra gains are tiny and the cost expensive! Is this around mid 400bhp area (450 ish)?

Thanks for reading if you got this far & thanks for such a friendly helpful forum where potential new owners can come and get the information we need. Always a steep learning curve when you change cars!

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1) yes very significantly @400bhp
2) yes again at 400bhp because they are such a light model of GTR.
3) very easy
4) a lot are very nearly there as they normally have a lot of the basic mods on like exhaust, induction kit some even a boost controller so it would only need an ecu and remap, you could even add some cams and make 415 on std turbo's.
5) after the above your looking at replacing turbo's for steel internals £1000ish, injectors £350, fuel pump £125, AFM's £150 but then you can run upto 550ish bhp oh along with an uprated clutch.

Most settle with what i said in 4.

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just buy one already tuned and save yourself the hassle of wondering where to start and how much to spend as it they can be money pits lol as i am finding out but wouldnt change it for anything else defo go for a skyline

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just test drive an r32,an r32 at 400 hp is hardly breathed upon,more importantly the skyline can be an everyday car at 5-600hp not to mention 400 whereas most cars are at their limit at this power and can only really be used on track

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True, by only drivin you will then know that you want it....... Im sure if theres a meet round near you anytime soon, there will be an r32 gtr that someone can whip you round the block in...

simple anwer really....... GET ONE !!!!!
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