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Auto Strada Modena 3-piece split rims

5-spoke Ferrari F40 style centres, lovely deep stepped polished dish.

Chrome rim bolts

17 x 8.5J ET18 fronts

17 x 9.5J ET28 rears

PERFECT fit on R32 and R33 GTS-T and also R34 GT-T, but not GTR as they are different widths.

Made in Japan by the same people who make the Racing Sparco and Linea Sport wheels. EXCELLENT quality, the same kind of quality, strength and lightweight as Volk/Rays split rims. These wheels cost around £2k new!

Only bad points are one wheel centre needs painting (3 of the centres have been painted white, one is still silver), and the outer rim on one wheel has a couple of flat spots (see picture, the bottom left wheel of the four). To straighten the rim would cost about £30 by a wheel repairer, the wheel is still true and not buckled or anything, just the outer lip has been kurbed and needs pulling back out. I would have had this done but there are no local wheel repairers near me (Sussex), though there are a couple of good places in Kent like Spit n' Polish and Lepsons. Loads in the midlands and up north as well!

Also, Image Wheels in Birmingham can sell you NEW outer rims for £100 to fit these wheels and you can get any size you want made to make them wider/deeper offset!! Then you don't need to repair it, as that part would be replaced! I'd fancy 10.5J rears ;)

Only selling as I've sold my R32 that these were going to go on :(

Price is £450 + £28 for next day UK delivery



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