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Hi all, i bought a Sedan approx 2 years back that had a gearbox fault. Drove it locally for a year, then let it sit for 6 months while i decided what i was going to do with it.

6 months ago i finally decided to RB it. I have a Fun car, i have a Track car, i have a shed for tip runs and daily work travel so what i needed was a family car with boost ;-)

Removed and sold the VQ
Tried selling but ended up scrapping the CVT gearbox
Modded the front subframe, mocked engine in and made gearbox mount then built the engine.

Forged, uprated oil pump, long nose crank mod, recut calve seats, new big ends and mains, Ku Engineering inlet blah blah blah.

Soooooooo here are a few pics of where I'm at.

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