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Ok, we have been developing and testing VK56 racing engines for the last 3 years. Our introduction to the VK engine was when we took over Chris Forsberg's formula drift racing program which consisted of 2 ex menards developed race engines. Since then, we have made significant gains over what they did. Much of our work has been secretive due to the expense and testing we have done. I think it's nice that we have a personal project that we can publicly share so here it is.

A brief rundown to get you up to speed.... Brian and I, who own MA-Motorsports have become quite fascinated with the VK engines after running them for the last 3 years. We have been acquiring race modified VK45DE engines from daytona prototype, grand am and indy lights engines and have been planning a project around what we have learned about them. In January, we located a suitable BNR32 chassis in super rough shape for a good price. The chassis has been sitting in our shop waiting for us to get the time to work on it. That time is now. If it's ok, I'd like to share the buildup of this car here as it seems to aid in keeping us motivated to get it to completion when we are interactive with others. Only seems to happen with personal projects. So, to those that have not fallen asleep, let's begin....

The car, as delivered one freezing night in january..

Brian wondering what the hell I just bought..

test fitting using a daytona prototype VK45DE with standard inlet

chassis amongst a sea of VK engines we built getting ready to be shipped to their homes..

Then the trip to Dallara Indycar factory to meet my buddy that builds engines there to purchase the remainder of their VK45 engines and parts...

made it home super late. Still had to open up a case to take a pic after unpacking.

Decided on some older bosch hardware to run it..

Some random parts on the back now. Slowly tracking stuff down.

Test fitting with headers to see if its even possible. Good thing we are all fabricators because it looks silly.

This thing has locks on it!!! Lol. Gonna cut that off at some point.

I'm going to look for the pics from the actual motor going in that I put together a year or so ago so you can see all the cool stuff going on inside.
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