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I am advertising this on behalf of my freind (Batfink). All the modifications and tuning work has been carried out by myself, to a high standard. This has to be the quickest 'UK tuned' GTS in the country making approx 400hp at the flywheel with loads of low down torque. Makes just over 1.2bar of boost at 3000 rpm's! This car car easily pull away from a 450hp GTR! Oil changes done every couple of thousand miles, either on Mobil 1 or Motul. Just had OS Geiken twin plate clutch fitted, and diff / gearbox oil replaced with Motul. Needs to sell it to fund new car project


--Chassis / Suspension--
18 x 9 Multi spoke alloys
5mm front wheel spacers
Low mileage 265 35 R18'S On the Back & 255 35 R18'S on the front.
Fully height adjustable & damper adjustable coil over shocks and springs, currently lowered approx 40mm.
Uprated front Nismo tie rod bushes.
Front strut brace & rear boot strut brace.
R33 GTR rear spoiler.
Nismo carbon fibre rear spoiler wing.
Uprated front and rear brake pads.
Discrete fog light conversion.

HKS 2540R Turbocharger.
HKS adjustable wastegate.
HKS uprated Inlet and Exhaust cams.
HKS Headgasket.
HKS Sequential blow off valve.
Nismo adjustable cam timing pullies.
Apexi 550CC injectors.
Greddy Iridium racing plugs.
FSE remote fully adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
Full Kamimoto 95mm exhaust system.
80mm De-cat pipe.
80mm Front pipe to turbo.
Greddy oil catch tank.
Custom made water swirl pot, with top cylinder bleeding.
Custom front mount intercooling piping.
R34 GTR Intercooler.
Samco full intercooler & induction piping.
Custom 80mm induction conversion.
300ZX Z32 Airflow meter conversion.
Apexi 280 LPH fuel pump.
16 Row Mocal grilled mounted oil cooler.
Oil cooler 75degree 'C' thermostat.
M's Large diamater airfilter.
2 Core Water radiator.
Electric fan conversion with electric therostat.
Samco top and bottom radaitor hoses.
OS Geiken twin plate clutch with Titanium flywheel.
Greddy E-Manage progamable ECU with ignition timing harness, injector harness & Boost MAP sensor.
HKS speed cut defencer.

Greddy Profec B boost controller.
Greddy white 60mm electronic boost gauge.
Greddy white 60mm electronic oil temp gauge.
Blitz power meter i-d.
JVC stereo with CD player.
FET turbo timer.
Optional Recaro drivers seat.

Photo's will follow in the next couple of days (when it stops raining!)


Contact George 07739 308012
01297 552308
Email [email protected]

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Just to add it also has a Cat 1 alarm and a Tracker fitted.:D

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Mate all that hard work and money and now its for sale, how come u not fit all the stuff right?:p Nah joking but seems a shame, whats George looking at getting now dude?

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Getting quite cheeky in your old age:D We've got every last bit of power and torque out of the engine now, and the next step will be anther large expense, bigger turbo, rods, larger injectors etc.
There's another project car in the pipeline mate, all a bit Top secret at the moment just incase it falls through. PM me and I'll tell you;)

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My car for sale above

Thanks to jason for posting that, As he mentioned it is one of the quickest uk tuned RB25 gts's and it really has to be felt to be believed .Any questions please contact me, Thanks


P.s I was hoping to get a nova SR next, iI read in maxpower that they are real quick!:gayboy: :mpee:
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