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450hp rb25det project: Turbo selection

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Hey guys my skyline is ready to boogie, rebuilt block has done run it with standard turbo fmic and standard plenum. Now I want a turbo and injectors, I have heard injectors go buy the CC rating 550cc = 550hp correct..? Are there any brands to steer clear of..? And a HKS gt2835 for the turbo, if anyone has had experience with these I would like to hear your thoughts on them..?

Also if anyone else is at the 450 mark what turbo and pressure are you running..?
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I have the HKS Gt2835 with 555cc injectors. Running a nice 451hp so perfect turbo for what you want if you can find one at a good price. Although if you want to head north of 500hp at somepoint you'd want 740cc injectors.
That's the general rule of thumb for injectors yes. It's not precise, but gives you a good idea of the power you can have.
For 450bhp you'll need an aftermarket ECU and I'm pretty sure the standard MAF can't cope either so you'll need a Z32. And the fuel pump will need upgrading too.
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